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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 11, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Dec. 11 2017 Compiled 12:01 am EDT 11 Dec. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abus...

Monday, December 11, 2017

Wonder, Magic & Insight: Embracing Curiosity on the Spiritual Journey

Wonder, Magic & Insight – Embracing Curiosity on the Spiritual Journey

December 11th, 2017

Recently I have been valuing the simplicity of being curious. By being curious I mean actively engaging with our innate enthusiasm for wonder, discovery and learning. It includes seeing and appreciating the magic and miracles that continually surround us. Just consider how a young child engages with their surroundings and how absorbed they are in life and discovering more about themselves and the world in which they find themselves. Curiosity is a process of inquiry and a continuous exploration.

Curiosity requires self awareness and noticing what is happening in any given moment. It involves letting go of fixed ideas and opening up to new possibilities and understandings about one’s self and the nature of existence. It is relatively easy to be curious about the aspects of life that inspire us, bring us joy and ignite our passions. This invitation is also to be curious about that which causes us pain, discomfort and apparent suffering. For instance: If I feel angry, can I notice what happens in my body, what are my triggers, is there a root cause underlying the angry feelings? … and so on.

Our views of the world can become quite static. The perspectives we hold are influenced by a variety of filters that we see through, these develop over time, as a result of social conditioning and previous experiences. It’s awesome when we can recognise these filters and see things from a new perspective. Let me give you an example of someone whose father left when they were young and now they (usually subconsciously) expect that all men will leave and abandon them. This may be a real experience for them though it is not necessarily true.

Curiosity invites us to think outside of the box and challenge our habitual ways of thinking. It is a driving force for learning, development and change. When we become curious about something it encourages us to let go of any certainty and absolutes we may hold and be open to new alternatives. In the example above of the person who expected to be abandoned by men, becoming curious opens to the possibility that perhaps some men do stay and even if they do leave, that’s okay. She can look for alternatives to her currently held beliefs and open to new opportunities. Perhaps she can uncover the root cause of her belief system and heal aspects of the trauma that she experienced as a child.

“Enjoy every step you take. If you’re curious, there is always something new to be discovered in the backdrop of your daily life.” ~ Roy T. Bennett

Using Curiosity to Gain Insight

We create what we expect in the world, so by letting go of expectations and becoming more open, we allow new possibilities to emerge. The Universal life energy, God, Source or whatever you may like to call it, is profoundly intelligent and we can attune to this energy in our daily lives. It is infinitely wiser than our limited minds, yet we can use our minds to tap into this intelligence. We can ask the Universe to “Show us” in relation to a question we might hold and remain curious about the signs and messages we receive in the world around us in response to our question. We can also observe how we react internally to what we notice and experience.

Being curious about the situations we find ourselves in helps to remove any extra energy from a situation. It means we no longer need to change it or fix it or blame something or someone. From this perspective there are no mistakes, just opportunities to learn and grow. It enables us to accept things exactly as they are and explore why we may have drawn these circumstances into our lives. It encourages acceptance, though not blind acceptance of anything goes. Rather an acceptance that this is how things are, along with a curiosity as to what are the next steps to take, where do we go from here? From the place of curiosity and wonder we may gain insight into why we feel as we do and find new ways to move forward.

Image by Curiosity in Motion

Continual Process of Inquiry

There is immense value in asking questions and finding our own truths. Do you consider what ingredients are in your food or where it has come from? What about how you feel after you have participated in a particular activity, maybe watching TV or going for a walk in nature? Which people enhance your life and who do you want to spend time with? Such inquiries can help us find a more aligned way of living and being. They can assist us in breaking free of old ways of behaving that no longer serve us and in finding new enriching and empowering ways of being.

A continual process of inquiry encourages us to live our truth and find increasing joy and freedom in our lives. Open from Openhand uses the phrase “constant conscious choice” in relation to how we meet situations and choices that arise in our lives. Making constant conscious choices encourages us to remain aware and watchful of the choices that present to us and choose from the most aligned place.

“What a large volume of adventures may be grasped within the span of his little life by him who interests his heart in everything.” ~ Laurence Sterne

Wonder and Magic

Another gift of curiosity is that it invites us to see the beauty and magic that is all around us. Have you ever become curious about a blade of grass or the clouds in the sky? Such considerations fill one with wonder and delight at the miraculous nature of life. It fills our hearts with lightness, gratitude and joy to recognize the miracles that abound in our world.

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery each day.” ~ Albert Einstein

Thanks for your curiosity and taking the time to read this article. If you continue to engage with your curiosity, you can help change your world.

With love and blessings,

Source: Wake Up World

"Wasted Days And Wasted Nights" - RV Musical Update - 12.11.17

This song is dedicated to my quiet obsession... RV ~TM

Wasted days and wasted nights,
I have left for you behind
For you don't belong to me,
Your heart belongs to someone else.

Why should I keep loving you,
When I know that you're not true?
And why should I call your name,
When you're to blame
For making me blue?

Don't you remember the day,
That you went away and left me?
I was so lonely,
Prayed for you only,
My love.

Why should I keep loving you,
When I know that you're not true?
And why should I call your name,
When you're to blame
For making me blue?

Don't you remember the day,
That you went away and left me?
I was so lonely,
Prayed for you only,
My love.

Wasted days and wasted nights,
I have left for you behind
For you don't belong to me,
Your heart belongs to someone else.

Why should I keep loving you,
When I know that you're not true?
And why should I call your name,
When you're to blame
For making me blue?

Guest Posts Regarding the RV/GCR & More for Mon. Morning - 12.11.17

This is compilation of all guest posts submitted as of Monday Morning, December 11, 2017. All guest posts that are more than 5 paragraphs in length, deemed important, contains images or is a response to another post will be considered it's own post.

Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. ~ Dinar Chronicles

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"Re: Today's Operation Disclosure"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 2:53 AM EST on December 11, 2017

"Today's Operation Disclosure" by (Anonymous) - 12.10.17

What has annoyed me about these posts is the writer's total unwillingness to establish a "screen name" or identity and to consistently use it on every and all posts they submit for publication.

What's your game, 'Anonymously'?

Are you so embarrassed by the comments that you are posting that you want to avoid establishing a posting history that will be ridiculed!?

Well, it now time to own what you say and be judged by the veracity of your personal thoughts and comments.

Or are you a wimp, wimping, again?


"Re: Time Frames"

Entry Submitted by Miles at 2:07 AM EST on December 11, 2017

"Time Frames" - Dr. Clarke Update 12-10-17

"Dr. Clarke'' it seems like you are trying to help. Thanks for that. Realistically though, the style of your posts are beginning to resemble children's books from Dr. Seuss, like ' The Cat in the Hat.' What's up with that ? You can post any way you want, but it's getting weird.

To date, NOBODY has rendered publicly an accurate RV date. If you can, please give me a good reason / evidence to think that you are the one with the REAL date. No pressure, dude.


"Introducing Miles the Standish"

Entry Submitted by Miles at 12:30 AM EST on December 11, 2017

Hi Everyone in Dinarland. I've been on a spiritual path since 1975. I always say that 'the path chose me'. I suppose I have been sitting back too much and just expecting the GCR/RV to happen. I am ready to step forward as a steward of Nova Earth. I have been reading the Goldenageofgaia.com since 2011 and took the advice of Lord Michael and bought some dong. I have three pages of things that I want to do for the planet and one is to bring clean drinking water to all of Africa. I think very highly of Steve Beckow and his site and like to read articles from Sierra. I am ready to do my part to help as many people as I can on planet earth. I say to the Elders that I am ready to step forward and to serve the Mother as best that I can. I have plenty of good ideas and it will be my great honor to be of service to all others on the planet. This particular steward of Nova Earth is ready to go. God Bless everyone, Miles.

"ET Elite Food & Games" by Indio - 12.11.17

Entry Submitted by Indio at 1:39 AM EST on December 11, 2017




Burned drowned raped tortured murdered & manipulated by evil ETs bribed puppets and their foolish games. Crimes against humanity covered up by the controlled mass media puppet politicians & institutions.


Chessboards separate and divide humans against one another. Our Earth is split for evil war & greed purposes.


When all evil agendas are dissolved all threats are neutralized And it's evil doers are gone , We the People Are Ready to Serve Gods Will.

"Retrograde Requires Patience: All is Good" by GoodOlDave - 12.11.17

Entry Submitted by GoodOlDave at 1:26 AM EST on December 11, 2017

Long time follower...first time poster child!

Let me introduce myself. I go by GoodOlDave. Yes...my actual name is David. I have a 33 life path...for those numerologically inclined.

We...those of us here...on this website...have much in common. We chose to be here...at this time...by virtue of a "soul contract" Do not back out of it now...Jeff Walker or any others...still doubtful.

My experience is similar to many here and elsewhere! I had it good...financially...yet it never was enough! My greatest joys have been in being of "service to others"

Discern the difference between "service to self" or "service to others"! That is my credo!

We are not waiting on "The Elders" here. We are waiting on "The Company of Heaven". Do you wish to question the Will of Prime Creator? I think not!

Most of us understand this is a devine occurence! This has been orchestrated by "higher powers". Who wishes to be contentious to your elders? Not Earthly elders but Galactic/Universal Elders!

The time is NOW! Embrace! Rejoice! Celebrate!

What? You don't see it? You don't feel it? Do you see the air you breath? Is it not there? C'mon man! Hu-woman/man. Be creative geniuses! Try it...you'll like it!

I've been up and down through this...as well. I've been homeless, broke, through 14 months of rehab, at Denver Rescue Mission. Suicidal, checked myself into 2 mental health facilities!

Here "I AM". I just started working again...this past Monday...as I need to! No complaints! It is what it is!

When you turn a water spicket on...does the water reach the end of the hose instantly? I think not. Our reward "spicket" has been activated! The flow...is on the way! Relax and give thanks to Mother/Father God!

Blessings to All.

Namaste. Amen. So be it.


"Focus: Merry Christmas" by K - 12.11.17

Entry Submitted by K at 12:10 AM EST on December 11, 2017

1st: I believe that the RV will become a reality tonight. This is a perfect time to release it as the Exchange Centers and Banks are all ready, and everything else is ready and so are we! The Sunday night traffic is low and people are resting after a weekend of shopping, the last thing they are thinking about is being on the road until it's time to go to work Monday morning!

2nd...Should the RV not be scheduled to become a reality tonight it is definitely a concern that Christmas for many of us waiting for the RV will not have the time or financial ability to gift loved ones. All the possible dates for the release of the RV that have come and then have gone by has reduced the ability to craft gifts suitable for giving. We are going to be left empty-handed and it is going to be very difficult to maintain an honest holiday demeanor while celebrating with family and friends.

3rd... I know that the RV should be able to be released now, tonight and there should be no waiting, no delay, and it would be defeating to accept any less from those who have introduced themselves to use and encouraged us to believe in the integrity of their purpose and practice of benevolence. However, due to the fact that we also been honorable and committed to our striving to accomplish our collective purpose, it does not seem right for us to be abandoned and left without resources during a most important Holiday.

We have gone from one international or national celebration to the next with accompanying explanations about why the RV would be best released. For years, holidays and celebrations have been highly rated as optimal opportunities to expect the release of the RV. Now we are looking at Christmas 2017 and wondering if it will be a Merry Christmas. Yet, there is also a sense that our Christmas Celebration will hold no more significance than those of the past.

It's about time that things change! As people work together to cause a plan or activity success there has had to be a group effort. Reciprocity of some sort. It would seem that all members of the group would be guarding the welfare of one another along the way. During my experience as an integral member of this group, there have been times when I have struggled and sacrificed without having even a whisper of support or encouragement. Again, I truly believe that this is no way to obtain the best results and there is a need for reciprocity. None of the members of our family here should have to experience basic needs that cannot be financially met and none of the members of this family should have to struggle through a financial deficit as we approach Christmas 2012. After all, our Currency is able to be exchanged. We should be able to trust our leaders to have cared enough about us as members of the RV family.

I have never seen a mess like this! Of course, none of us have.! We are going through something that has never taken place in history and never will again. But that doesn't mean we need to abandon values that make humans the special people they are. We have tried to communicate our needs and are asking that the struggles and sacrifices stop because there is a sense that they really don't need to be borne by us any longer. With the new financial system and the level of security for all accounts and the fact that the resources are available for us to move forward, there should be nothing left to hold us back that can't be taken care of going forward. We also know that there will always be opposition out there and to be expected to continue to wait is very difficult, especially when there is seems nothing left to give. And nothing for us to give to others for Christmas.

I once heard that E.T.'s look at humans and sense that we are capable of having a very tender affection for one another. It is that level of affection that makes it important for humans to exchange that affection in different ways. Giving gifts to one another is important to us as we express our affection for one another. Sincerely, Merry Christmas to ALL

"Patience" - GCR/RV Community Thought - 12.11.17


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